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What Is a Vegan?

Posted on 07/16/16 No Comments

Most people who are familiar with the word “vegan” understand that it is a type of vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat (including fish and poultry) or any other animal products, such as eggs, milk, and honey. But there are many reasons to go vegan and, therefore, different types of vegans. Dietary vegans fit the definition […]

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Pearl’s Veganwear

Posted on 06/13/16 No Comments

To her surprise, Salaam gives Pearl advice on how to “veganize” her wardrobe toward the end of Book I: Food. What materials are vegan, what are the no-no’s, and why? Here’s Some of What’s Okay Shopping for vegan clothing takes a little more effort – you have to read labels – but if I can […]

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Don’t Mock Mock Meat

Posted on 05/05/16 No Comments

Many people do it. Maybe you do it. I used to do it, but I don’t anymore. Please, don’t knock the mock meat! It’s an irreplaceable replacement. I knew little about what I was doing when I began my transition to vegetarianism in about 1981. All I knew was I didn’t want to eat animals […]

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My Magic Fitbit and the Power of Tracking, by Sherry Essig

Posted on 04/22/16 No Comments

Wonderful advice from my friend, especially for anyone seeking to change his or her diet! – Merlene A few months ago I spent nine glorious days vacationing in Barcelona. I fell in love with Barcelona and I discovered that my Fitbit has magic powers. Thank goodness, because I basically ate my way through the city! Fortunately, I […]

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Five Foul Foods

Posted on 04/09/16 No Comments

You are what you eat, but insect vomit and excrement? Meat and leather by-products? Processed parasites? What are they feeding us?! Take a closer look at five foul food ingredients you may be eating: Gelatin It’s found in many common foods, such as the popular fruit-flavored dessert and marshmallows. But what is gelatin? Gelatin is […]

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The Feeling Lives of Animals, by Jonathan Balcombe, PhD

Posted on 03/22/16 No Comments

On Saturday mornings I drive 15 miles to a sanctuary in rural Maryland where I join a small team of volunteers tending to farm animals rescued from neglect or abuse. Some of these animals will never fully trust a human. Others want to interact. As a biologist with a special interest in animal happiness, I’ve […]

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Get It Done!

Posted on 03/09/16 No Comments

Hi there! You may have noticed the big gap between the publication date of The Vampire and The Vegan, Book I: Food and the expected publication date of Book II: Livestock. There are myriad reasons for the delay, but only a few good strategies that explain how I finally got the second book done. You […]

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Moving to the Vegan Side of Life, by David Banks, PhD, MPH, RN

Posted on 02/15/16 No Comments

The transition, as some call it, for me was as easy as pie – vegan pie that is. It began when I was only 26, but as a Black man living in America, I could already see the health benefits to be accrued from a diet that did not include the beef, chicken, and seafood […]

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Book II: Livestock to Be Published this Summer

Posted on 01/25/16 No Comments

Happy New Year! I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m making excellent progress in writing The Vampire and The Vegan, Book II: Livestock. I’m currently about two-thirds finished with the rough draft, and the way the sequel is turning out is quite exciting, if I do say so myself. All along, I envisioned a horrible world […]

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Giving Thanks

Posted on 11/27/13 No Comments

Since 1621, Thanksgiving has been celebrated during times of peace and prosperity as well as during times of tragedy and conflict. Today, there are many throughout the world who are experiencing very difficult times, and we should not forget this. I’m sure each one of us also has his or her own troubles as well. […]

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