Founded in 2525, Corpus Dementica is the leading purveyor of bottled blood and other human products in all of Dementica, and we are rapidly becoming the largest source of trained service humans as well. Our highly successful corporation processes 85% of all livestock in the realm.


Corpus Dementica Board of Directors Org ChartEvery day, The Glorious turn to Corpus Dementica to meet their needs:

  • We are proud to offer the finest selection of 100% human food products, including blood, Hemo Vealâ„¢, breast milk, cheese, and flesh.

  • Corpus Dementica sells and rents the healthiest and most desirable men, women, and children for use as laborers or live food.

  • Our entertainment division offers bred-to-order pets, trained adult playthings, and talented performers to families and business enterprises alike.

  • The pharmaceutical, textile, and manufacturing industries depend on Corpus Dementica for vital raw materials, such as skin, hair, bones, and fluids.

In recognition of our outstanding achievements, Sovereign Count Silverthrone has appointed the Board of Directors of Corpus Dementica to serve with him as the Governing Body of Dementica. This year, Corpus Dementica will have the honor of overseeing the Ninth Centennial Rededication of The Glorious, thus playing a major role in setting the political and cultural direction of The Glorious for the next century.


Corpus Dementica. Enhancing the lives of The Glorious since 2525.


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Corpus Dementica is a fictitious corporation that factory farms humans for the use of vampires called “The Glorious” in The Vampire and The Vegan, Book II: Livestock.