Forget everything you think you know about vampires…

The Story

One evening, on her way out to hunt, Pearl encounters Salaam in the lobby of her apartment building. From this chance meeting, an unlikely relationship begins to grow between Pearl, the cold but sexy vampire, and Salaam, the handsome vegan.

Their friendship is possible because Salaam’s blood lacks the “necromantic energy” that comes from eating meat.

Each animal’s suffering and death at the hands of humans creates mystical energy that permeates the animal’s body. When people eat meat or any other substance derived from a brutalized animal, their blood absorbs this energy. This makes them enticing to vampires, who consume necromantic energy by drinking human blood.

Because Salaam is vegan, Pearl doesn’t see him as food. Will Pearl buy Salaam’s argument that living well doesn’t revolve around eating badly? Or has the vegan bitten off more than he can chew?

The Characters

The Vampire and The Vegan is written from the perspective of Pearl, the vampire. The story focuses on four major characters:

Pearl is a curvaceous enchantress who can captivate a man by simply gazing into his eyes. Her mind-control powers and wardrobe of plunging necklines and stiletto heels make her irresistible. Her appetite for the necromantic energy contained in human blood makes her deadly. She is in the habit of trawling DC night spots to prey upon men who would never suspect that such a beauty could be so lethal.

Salaam seems to be the perfect man: handsome, kind, and intelligent. A long-time vegan, he abstains from eating or otherwise using any foods or products made from animals. He is spiritual, nonjudgmental, and caring, but is he too good to be true? When Pearl meets him for the first time, she is immediately disarmed by his charisma – and lack of necromantic energy. Is his love enough to change Pearl’s ways, or will he end up as just another snack?

Originally from Jamaica, Udah (pronounced YOO-duh) is Salaam’s best friend. She introduced him to vegetarianism and is the one person who stands between him and Pearl. Infinitely compassionate, patient, and self controlled, Udah has spent years waiting for her relationship with Salaam to blossom into a love affair. Willowy and down to earth, she is almost the exact opposite of Pearl, except that both are natural beauties – and natural enemies.

Lynford is Salaam’s wisecracking, omnivorous buddy. His disheveled dreadlocks and urban outfits gone bad make it hard for him to be taken seriously. Yet he pursues Pearl from the moment he lays eyes on her – despite suspecting that she is dangerous, and despite knowing that Salaam is interested in her. Lynford and Salaam have managed to maintain their friendship since childhood, but there’s always a bit of tension just beneath the surface.

Book I cover art by Kevin Richardson, 202-327-0339.

The Vampire and The Vegan Front Cover
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The Vampire and The Vegan Front Cover
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2 Replies to “Book I: Food”

  1. i found out about this from a ad thru a veggie dating site. seems alot of time has gone into setting it up and i give props! 😀 i love the idea you build off with the “energy” idea. ill keep checking the site out, and btw lilke the themes. cool u have music along with a book

  2. I would like to thank John Rowles for composing and performing the theme music for the four main characters. The music is wonderful and fits their personalities!

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