Suppose vampires were the farmers, and humans were the livestock…

The Story

Pearl finds that her attempts to change her predatory ways have been for naught. She has been exiled to Dementica, a land where vampires called “The Glorious” have mechanized their exploitation of humans.

We, The Glorious, dominate this realm through divine right and natural superiority. It has been and shall forever be. For The Glorious!

Not content to merely drain and bottle human blood, Corpus Dementica – the mega-corporation and acting government – has established dairies to collect breast milk, has forced humans to provide labor and entertainment, and has built slaughterhouses to prepare every part of the human corpse for use as food ingredients or raw materials.

Upon arrival in the human recycling facility, Pearl is sent to a life of misery with the other women confined as livestock in the dairy. She will have to rely on both new and old friends to escape the dairy and attempt to free humanity from the tyranny of The Glorious.

At the same time, Pearl will continue her search for love and romance.

The Characters

The Vampire and The Vegan, Book II: Livestock introduces three major characters:

Stately and extravagantly stylish, Count Silverthrone is the official Sovereign of Dementica and serves on the Executive Committee of Corpus Dementica. After ascending to the throne as a teenager, Count made the naive mistake of merging the monarchy with the corporation. Count now oversees the Nonfatal Division, which specializes in products harvested from living humans, supplies live humans to upscale restaurants, and manages the recycling facility that redirects humans to and from other divisions. Although Count still enjoys all the luxuries of a king, he is in a struggle to regain his rightful place as the leader of The Glorious — and to make Pearl his new queen.

Adina Wellington also serves on the Executive Committee, but she makes no secret of her desire to return to the days when The Glorious seduced and hunted their human prey. Her everyday wardrobe consists of skimpy dominatrix outfits that show off her hourglass figure, and she enjoys toying with human males for sport. Forced to accept the mechanization of Dementica’s food industry, Adina heads up the Fatal Division, which is responsible for the exsanguination and butchering of humans for blood, flesh, and organs. Will Lynford fall victim to Adina’s questionable charms?

Clive Barrett is the final member of the Executive Committee. Always the consummate businessman, he fully embraces technology and is constantly seeking more efficient ways to process human beings. Clive directs the Service Division, which has three major subdivisions: Industry provides workers for construction, manufacturing, and facility maintenance; Domestics provides labor for housekeeping, gardening, and other household work; and Entertainment provides humans to perform in circuses and theaters, trains and supplies humans used for erotic purposes, and breeds specialty humans to be sold as pets. Clive is only focused on profit and represents the greatest obstacle to human liberation.

Book II cover art by Marcelo Caputto,

Book II: Livestock Front Cover
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Book II: Livestock Front Cover
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