Food. Pearl is an irresistible temptress living in Washington, DC and living off of the necromantic energy she can sense in the blood of her meat-eating victims. One night, while looking for her next meal, Pearl meets Salaam, a handsome vegan determined to win her love. Because Salaam lacks necromantic energy, Pearl doesn’t see him as food. As she begins to trade her predatory lifestyle for a chance at happiness with Salaam and his friends Udah and Lynford, Pearl questions the way she has been viewing humans as merely food. But is it already too late? Read more.

Livestock. To pay for her murderous exploits, Pearl is banished to Dementica, a land where vampires known as “The Glorious” have complete control over humans. Corpus Dementica, the mega-corporation that also serves as the government, factory farms humans to be used as food, raw materials, labor, and entertainment. Pearl is mistaken for human and mistreated as livestock in a dairy. With the help of friends old and new, can Pearl escape the dairy, compel The Glorious to stop exploiting humans, and finally experience true love? Read more.

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