Corpus Dementica is led by a nine-member Board of Directors headed by Sovereign Count Silverthrone. The Board structure includes an Executive Committee composed of the Directors of Corpus Dementica’s three major divisions: Nonfatal Products, Fatal Products, and Service. The other Directors are appointed by the Executive Committee from the leadership of Corpus Dementica’s various subdivisions.


Executive Committee


Count SilverthroneSovereign Count Silverthrone, Director of Nonfatal Products

Count Silverthrone, Sovereign of Dementica, serves on the Executive Committee of Corpus Dementica. After taking the throne by Rapid Ascension, Master Silverthrone modernized Dementica through a new focus on business development, officially merging the Monarchy with Corpus Dementica. Master Silverthrone oversees the Nonfatal Division, which specializes in products harvested from living humans, including breast milk, hair, urine, ova, and sebum. In addition, the Nonfatal Division supplies livestock to upscale restaurants so their patrons can consume blood directly from live humans. To reduce waste, the Nonfatal Division’s recycling facility redirects humans to and from other divisions when they are no longer useful in their current roles.


Adina WellingtonAdina Wellington, Director of Fatal Products

Mistress Adina Wellington serves on the Executive Committee. She also heads up the Fatal Division, which is primarily responsible for providing The Glorious with tasty, convenient sources of necromantic energy. Mistress Wellington manages the exsanguination and butchering of humans for blood, flesh, and organs. Under her leadership, the Fatal Division also produces livestock feed enriched with human flesh to maximize the concentration of necromantic energy in Corpus Dementica products.


Clive BarrettClive Barrett, Director of Service

Master Clive Barrett serves on the Executive Committee and oversees the Service Division. In this role, Master Barrett directs three major subdivisions: 1) Industry provides workers for construction, manufacturing, and facility maintenance; 2) Domestics provides labor for housekeeping, gardening, and other household work; and 3) Entertainment provides humans to perform in circuses and theaters, trains and supplies humans used for erotic purposes, and breeds specialty humans to be sold as pets.




Corpus Dementica Organizational Structure


Frances Dailey, Secretary and Director of Dairy

Samuel Banton, Director of Byproducts

Jean Dennis, Director of Entertainment

Diana Spencer, Director of Blood

Charles Tenant, Director of Labor

Nathaniel Wilson, Director of Live Food


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Corpus Dementica is a fictitious corporation that factory farms humans for the use of vampires called “The Glorious” in The Vampire and The Vegan, Book II: Livestock. Character illustrations created by Merlene Alicia Vassall using