Bottles of Blood, Milk, and Hemo Veal

100% Human Blood

Corpus Dementica’s blood boasts the best flavor and highest level of necromantic energy of any blood product on the market! Stock up today. Available in 34 ounce bottles. BUY NOW


100% Human Hemo Veal™

If you have a discerning palate, you will gladly pay the extra premium for Hemo Veal™. This new line of gourmet blood is extracted from young humans fed a special flesh-only diet for maximum taste, maximum necromantic energy. Available in 8.5 ounce bottles. BUY NOW


100% Human Milk

Corpus Dementica’s breast milk shakes up your routine with an exciting new taste sensation bursting with necromantic energy. Have you tried it yet? Available in 17 ounce bottles. BUY NOW



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Corpus Dementica is a fictitious corporation that factory farms humans for the use of vampires called “The Glorious” in The Vampire and The Vegan, Book II: Livestock.


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